Xan The Impaler

And after we kill it, We can go to Disneyland.

Some kid stopped and talked to me at my mailbox today. He told me I look like his teacher… maybe I am looking less like a 12 year old Russian boy these days

My absence from tumblr and such

11. August 2014


I haven’t been active much and well, I don’t have a solid excuse (or a reason to have one) except for I feel down. Its like a slow creeping sadness that I have no idea where it came from. I’ve been “depressed” for years and for the most part I’ve been getting a lot better… but now my lows are even worse. Maybe its because I am not as comfortable with them as I used to be.

I dunno. I gained 10kg (about that) over the last 6 or so months and for some reason its really eating me up (pun not intended). I look at all my friends and I am envious of how nice they look (regardless of their size) I feel like I can’t make any size look good or sexy. 

I feel gross. I don’t feel comfortable. 

I feel lost. I have no idea. 

So… That’s why I suck at even blogging.